Umbrello - Blue Flower

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  • INVERTED UMBRELLA: One of the main perk of this unique inverted umbrella is the convenience it provides when it comes to cars! Indeed, since the umbrella folds up, it it super easy to close when about to close a car door as shown in the pictures above. Furthermore, by closing the umbrella fully, the water remains inside, keeping your car interior dry. 
  • DOUBLE LAYER: the inverted umbrella is made of: pongee cloth, durable fiberglass ribs and double layer ribs making it one of the sturdier umbrella available currently as well as enhance its windproof capability.
  • FIBERGLASS RIBS: can be restored from a 180 degree bend, very sturdy and durable.
  • BUTTON DESIGN: the embedded push-button switch is easy to operate and will not pinch.
  • BIG ENOUGH: Measures 86cm long and 106cm in diameter when open. It's large enough to shelter both you and your loved one from the downpour.



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Umbrello - Blue Flower


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